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Agencia aduanal en nuevo laredo

Custom Brokers in Nuevo Laredo

Azafra Customs Agency in Nuevo Laredo offers you customs clearance service at the Nuevo Laredo Customs, handling your Imports and Exports.

Foreign Trade Solutions that we offer as a Customs Agency in Nuevo Laredo

  • Customs Mexican Agency registered with the General Customs Administration
  • American Customs Agency; we have our own American customs broker
  • Foreign Trade Advice
  • Warehouse storage of merchandise in Laredo, Texas
  • Analysis and fulfillment of Non-Tariff Barriers
  • Tariff Classification of Merchandise and Merciology
  • Marketer and Importer Registry
  • Freight Forwarder service in Laredo, Texas
  • International Transportation and Logistics

Benefits of Azafra Customs Agency

  • Executive with personalized attention in your foreign trade operations.
  • Continuous improvement of logistics channels in customs clearance.
  • Notification on the latest updates of customs legislation related to your products.
  • Follow-up of your operations, from the moment they enter the warehouse to their final destination.
  • Online reporting system that will notify you of the status of your shipment, from the moment it enters the warehouse until the end of your operation.

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